A Focus on Results
"Stan does a great job allowing individuals to become aware of their blind spots. Once they are aware of the blind spot,he coaches aspects of how to deal with the need for growth. I am now growing at a faster rate than the company,so I can now anticipate issues as we grow rather than react."
Kent Schien, President
Innoventor Engineering, Inc.

1. Business & Leadership Coaching
Personal and group coaching which enables individuals & teams to clarify issues,connect them to their business and personal goals,and develop a commitment to action.

2. Professional Excellence Strategic Planning & Leadership Assessments
An online corporate 360 that develops a laser focus and rapid team alignment on high-impact, under-performing strategic items.

3. Chair for VISTAGE - The World's Largest CEO Membership Organization  To learn more about VISTAGE membership click here.

"For my business, Stan's services are as vital to us as our website. Knowing that we are all being effective and working on what is important not only increases our success, it also gives me the peace of mind to make the growth decisions. When the company is running fast, I feel good. I encourage all business owners, managers, and professionals that are interested in working smarter to talk to Stan. It was one of the smartest decisions I made."
Mike Hoenig, President

As a result of working with me, clients tell me they have achieved the following:
1. Better results.
2. Better decision making.
3. Relief from isolation.
4. Increase in self-confidence.
5. Better balance in their lives.

"There are thinkers in this world and there are doers. Your coaching style encompasses both as you look into the future to see what can be done and bring it back into the present by identifying what needs to be done today,next week,next month to achieve the vision."
Jon Bartz, Business Operations Manager
Clifton Gunderson, LLP

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